The Political Media We Deserve: Podcast With Brooke Gladstone and Arthur Brooks

By Allen McDuffee | September 17, 2015
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Thanks to Bombfell for being the exclusive launch sponsor of the governmentality podcast.

In this first episode of the governmentality podcast, journalist Allen McDuffee talks with Brooke Gladstone of WNYC’s On The Media about the power of the media, the 2016 election cycle and a post Stewart and Colbert world, among other things. And, in the book chat, Allen talks with Arthur Brooks, the president of the American Enterprise Institute, about his book, The Conservative Heart.

Brooke Gladstone on the questions she keeps in mind while covering the 2016 election cycle:

How much should you pay attention to this point in the cycle? Not much. In fact very, very little. . . . How do you understand a poll? What is a poll for? What is the question being asked? What does that question mean? The number one stupid question asked by polls cycle after cycle after cycle is: If you were going to vote now, who would you vote for? Meaningless! That gives people more than permission — it encourages people — to just sort of randomly pull out of a hat, which has absolutely nothing to do with how any of us will behave later. But if they asked, “Who are you going to vote for November after next?” they would say — about two-thirds would say — “I don’t know.” But that’s not a good headline and it’s news organizations that mostly pay for polls.

This episode of the governmentality podcast was produced by Brigid Barrett and Jeremy Carlstedt. Jeremy also composed and performed the show’s music.

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