The 2016 Race Is Shaping Up To Be About…Chipotle

By Allen McDuffee | April 20, 2015

So far, it’s not health care or foreign policy or gay marriage that’s directing the early stages of the 2016 cycle. It’s Chipotle. After Hillary Clinton visited a Maumee, Ohio Chipotle last week, the media went wild with her “incognito” chicken burrito bowl order, and then again later when the manager said she didn’t tip.

Not to be outdone, Sen. Marco Rubio went to a Washington, D.C. Chipotle and then said that he “always” tips. Except when he doesn’t. A staffer later told the Daily Mail (which is apparently the leading source of Chipotle tipping records and data), “Normally he would have left a tip, but he didn’t have any cash and they were rushing to catch a train, so apparently he didn’t.”

But it was when Rubio committed the linguistic sin we all thought was cleared up long ago that all hell broke loose.