New Republic Publisher Chris Hughes to Fundraise for Clinton

By Allen McDuffee | June 3, 2015

Interesting scoop from Maggie Haberman over at the New York Times: Chris Hughes, the publisher and chairman of The New Republic, along with his husband, Sean Eldridge, will host a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run at the end of this month at their Lower Manhattan home.

It was the least they could do:

Mr. Hughes, a co-founder of Facebook, and Mr. Eldridge have sought in the last few years to become political players. Mr. Eldridge lost a race for Congress in upstate New York last year in which Mrs. Clinton recorded automated phone calls supporting him, despite the fact that polls showed him trailing badly before Election Day.

I guess nobody remembers the heat from the revelation that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos gave significant donations to Clinton Foundation — or maybe they just don’t care.

Perhaps the case can be made that Hughes is the owner and publisher — and not the editor — of the magazine. Or that TNR has published both positive and negative pieces on Clinton.

Still, it doesn’t look good.