Did Google ‘Google’ Alphabet?

By Allen McDuffee | August 11, 2015

If they had, they would have realized that Alphabet — both the trademark and the domain alphabet.com — already belonged to BMW.

“We are not planning to sell the domain,” Micaela Sandstede, a BMW spokeswoman in Munich, told The New York Times.

Sandstede added that the website is a “very active” part of Alphabet’s business and that they are looking into whether or not there is any trademark infringement at work here. That remains unclear, although Google is involved in the transportation and automobile industries with its driverless cars. Whether or not that causes confusion in the eyes of consumers is another story.

For their part, Google doesn’t seem too worried. “Don’t worry, we’re still getting used to the name too!” wrote CEO Larry Page on the newly-launched Alphabet site, with the domain abc.xyc.

I’ll give you three guesses which website will rank higher in Google searches in no time.