How Claire McCaskill Gamed The Republican Primaries So She Could Beat Todd Akin

By Allen McDuffee | August 12, 2015

In a fascinating read at Politico, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) details how she spent $1.7 million to manipulate the Republican primaries so she could face the candidate that her team thought she had the best chance of defeating: Todd Akin.

Why Akin?

Akin’s track record made him my ideal opponent. Many of his votes in Congress contradicted his claim of being a fiscal conservative. While he opposed President Barack Obama’s authority to raise the debt limit, during the Bush administration, in 2004, he had voted to raise the limit by $800 billion. A vocal opponent of the Obama administration’s stimulus efforts, in 2001 Akin had voted in favor of a $25 billion stimulus package that mostly benefited large corporations and the wealthy. And he was a big earmarker: in one fiscal year he sponsored or cosponsored $14 million worth of pork and once sought $3.3 million in a special appropriation for a highway near nine acres he owned and was planning to develop. While opposing spending money for child nutrition programs, veterans’ health benefits, and disaster relief, he repeatedly voted to raise his own salary.

The ads that her team created were designed to “get him nominated and start disqualifying him with independent voters at the same time.”

It worked.

Read the rest of this excerpt from her book, Plenty Ladylike, at Politico.