Verbatim: Huma Abedin Joins Twitter, Hits GOP Candidates Over Muslim Comments

By Allen McDuffee | September 21, 2015

First time tweeters typically fall into two camps: They say something so awkward that they expose their novice status or they say something so ineffectual that nobody responds.

Not the case for Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s campaign vice-chair and long-standing adviser and confidant who Clinton has referred to as her “second daughter.” Abedin’s first tweet Monday evening was a clear shot at GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson for comments he made Sunday saying he “would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

“You can be a round American, a proud Muslim, and proudly serve this great country. Pride versus prejudice,” Abedin tweeted.

Abedin, a Muslim, may have also been targeting Donald Trump over his reaction to a crowd member who, during a Q&A session, went on a tirade about Muslims being “a problem in this country” and misidentified President Obama as a Muslim who was not born in this country.