Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Gets 1 Million Followers In A Day, Follows Only NSA

By Allen McDuffee | September 30, 2015

Just 24 hours after joining Twitter, Edward Snowden — the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked documents and sparked a global discussion about U.S. government surveillance domestically and internationally — has gained more than one million followers.

But there’s only one account he’s got his eye on: @NSAGov.

So struck by the event, Twitter verified Snowden’s account and created this GIF to show how his following caught on.

Reactions in the U.S. varied greatly and there was little doubt that this event would fall into 2016 land. However, it seems nobody misread Twitter’s attitude toward Snowden joining the social network more than George Pataki, whose response came after Twitter verified the account and created the GIF.

But perhaps the strangest part of this whole phenomenon was that of the seven tweets Snowden has put out in the world, five of them were a back-and-forth with Neil deGrasse Tyson.