The Bernie Sanders-Larry David Ticket

By Allen McDuffee | October 19, 2015
Saturday Night Live via YouTube
Saturday Night Live via YouTube

Each election cycle, Saturday Night Live has several good — but one amazing — political figure impersonations. Like Tina Fey as Sarah Palin in 2008, this year’s standout is, without a doubt, Larry David as Bernie Sanders.

From his exasperated demeanor to his hand gestures, David, who wrote for SNL in the ’80s, has perfected the Sanders persona — so much so, that some are calling for David to be his running mate (should Sanders get the nomination), while others say David could be a stand-in when the 74-year-old Vermonter needs a rest.

Although that rest might be welcomed by Sanders, the real benefit of the Larry David treatment is how much it humanizes Sanders with humor that is entirely absent from his campaign, if not his personality.