Does Ted Cruz Listen To This Rap About Him To Get Fired Up?

By Allen McDuffee | October 28, 2015
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

While other GOP nominees are fighting with recording artists over the use of songs at campaign events, hip hop artist Jük created an anthem for Ted Cruz, called Time for Truth.

After watching the first GOP debate, Jük wrote, “I felt like they didn’t give Ted Cruz enough time to speak, so I am determined to whatever I can do to let America know what an awesome presidential candidate Ted Cruz really is.”

And it’s clear Jük has done his Ted Cruz homework. From verse three:

He’s taking down Obamacare and Planned Parenthood
One is disgusting, the other’s no good
He’s taking down Dodd-Frank and weak immigration
Building back up our military foundation.
He’s fighting for the Christians who are losing their freedom,
For our Bill of Rights endowed by our Lord Jesus.
He’s looking out for Israel
Ripping up an Iran deal
That would get those so-called “Infidels” killed
Let’s stand in this time of persecution
With a man who understands the problem, Houston.
The son of a Cuban immigrant pastor
Who’s not afraid to give praise up to the Master.
So this day, now, won’t you stand bold?
For life, liberty, and the pursuit of the soul
The truth we behold
From youthful to old
Get bold / and get yourself on Ted Cruz control

This isn’t a one-off for Jük. He’s the creator of Hip-Hop Gospels and Holy Fire Of God, so the music and video production are both high quality:

h/t Chris Cillizza