(Neo) Liberalism: A Slow Death

Author Patrick Deneen discusses Why Liberalism Failed and Ryan Cooper talks neoliberalism on the governmentality podcast.

By Allen McDuffee | January 22, 2018
Photo credit: Kristoffer Trolle

Liberalism may conjure up certain political leanings in American society, but its roots are in philosophy that predates the United States and while encompassing the norms, practices and principles of both major political parties and the overwhelming majority of American citizens. Despite this commonality,  liberalism—and its updated version, neoliberalism—may precisely be what’s ailing America in terms of persistent racism, rising inequality, and rampant ideological polarization.

On this episode, I talk to Ryan Cooper, national correspondent at The Week, about neoliberalism and how it’s hurting the Democratic Party. And in the book chat, I speak with Patrick Deneen, a political theorist at the University of Notre Dame about his new book, Why Liberalism Failed.

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Ryan Cooper is a national correspondent at The Week and his work has appeared in the Washington Monthly, The New Republic and The Washington Post. Follow him on Twitter: @ryanlcooper.

Patrick Deneen is the David A. Potenziani Memorial Chair in Constitutional Studies and associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame. His new book is Why Liberalism Failed. Follow him on Twitter: @PatrickDeneen.

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