9 Ways to Help governmentality

I’ve gotten so many well-wishing emails and people who tell me in person that they enjoy governmentality. Often they want to know how they can help.

Here are 9 ways:

1) Ok, let’s get this out of the way: Without a doubt, money helps keep governmentality going strong. Please consider supporting governmentality by making a donation. 

Support governmentality




But! There are many more ways you can help governmentality! 

2) Visit every day. Maybe even more than once a day.

3) Check out my advertisers and sponsors — and take advantage of their generous offers. (Learn more about my advertising and sponsorship policies here.) 

4) Subscribe to the governmentality podcast. You can find all the places it’s available here. And please rate and review the podcast so others can find it easier. 

5) Sign up for the weekly governmentality newsletter

6) Subscribe to my blog feed. You can find options on the homepage

7) Share governmentality (blog, podcast and newsletter) with your friends and be sure to let them know why you thought we’d be a good match. 

8) Send in story tips. If you think there’s a story that deserves attention but hasn’t gotten any, send it my way and I’ll do what I can.

9) Provide feedback. I try to use as many of your ideas as I can. At the very least, please know I read and take seriously all of your suggestions and feedback. So, drop me a line.

Finally, many thanks to all of your kind emails and support through this first stage of governmentality. I’m grateful for your readership and all of your suggestions and ideas to make governmentality a little bit better, one click at a time.